Light Adapting Lenses

I personally never had a pair of light adapting lenses because I didn't like the way they looked. Even knowing all the positives, I just didn't think I needed them.  
Here are a few things that changed my mind:
Lifestyle change:
Being a Mom of three little ones, daily life is full of running errands, school pick ups and day trips to amusement parks/museums/parks. I wanted to wear my glasses more but didn't want the hassle of switching between glasses and sunglasses and taking up more diaper bag space. 
The Right Frame:
It was really important to find a frame that's comfortable and large enough to look like sunglasses when the lenses turn dark.  I also wanted to find a frame I loved, since we always tell our patients, "If you love them, you'll wear them."  So, I was really excited when I finally found the perfect frame that would look great as both glasses and sunglasses.  
Better technology:
The newest lens designs offer different colored tints and adapt faster.  The lenses are fully clear indoors and dark outdoors and the transition time is significantly quicker than the older lens models.  They provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and helps protect from harmful blue light indoors and out. 
My first pair of light adapting lenses are the most versatile and provide the most comfortable vision indoors and outside.  They don't replace my polarized sunglasses, but definitely enhance my clear pair of glasses and I wear them the most.
If you are going to take outdoor photos for an engagement, wedding or family photos, it will look like you are wearing sunglasses in all the photos.  
Solution:  We have switched out lenses to just clear lenses for the event and then switched back after.