Importance of Sunglasses With UV Protection

When most people think of sun-related damage, they think of their skin. Rarely do people think that sun damage also affects their eyes. However, studies show that radiation from the sun through UV rays damages the eyes over time. It causes age-related eye diseases that can result in blindness.


Sunglasses with UV protection act like sunscreen for your eyes and protect them from harmful effects on your lens, cornea, and retina. Get yourself a pair of sunglasses with UV protection if you do not have some. Here are some reasons why you need them.


What Are UV Rays?


UV or ultraviolet rays refer to light energy from the sun. They can be beneficial and harmful depending on the circumstance or length of exposure. They are good when they catalyze the production of vitamin D in our bodies. The appropriate amount of UV exposure will facilitate the development of bones in children. It also has healing effects on your muscles and aids serotonin or happy hormone production.


There are many other uses of UV rays. However, overexposure to UV rays may have adverse effects on your body. It may result in sunburn, skin cancer, premature skin aging, and eyesight problems. So how do we mitigate damage to our eyesight from UV rays? One way is by using sunglasses with UV protection.


Sunglasses With UV Protection


These sunglasses have a film layer or coating that protects your eyes from too much exposure to UV rays. Your sunglasses should provide at least 99 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. They should also block UV wavelengths of up to 400 nanometers.


The Importance

Protection from UV rays is vital for several reasons. They include:


Preventing Damage

UV rays initiate the formation of free radicals that can cause the degradation of lipids and protein modification. These free radicals damage the eyes, resulting in retinal degradation and cataract formation. The long-term effects of this damage are age-related eye disease.


Sunglasses with UV protection will also protect you from corneal sunburn. The cornea covers the outer part of your eye, like clear skin. It can suffer from sunburn in the same way as skin. Corneal sunburn or photokeratitis is painful and results in inflammation and damage.


Preventing Age-related Eye Disease

UV rays weaken your vision and may eventually result in various age-related eye diseases. These include cataracts and macular degeneration. UV exposure modifies the eye protein, causing the clouding of the natural lens and the development of cataracts. It disrupts the macula on the retina, distorting clear vision, and may eventually result in vision loss.


Prevents Cancer and Growths

Sunglasses with UV protection prevent exposure that can lead to the development of eye cancers. It also stops excessive sun exposure that can lead to pinguecula and pterygia. These are growths that start on your sclera and can cause irritation. In severe cases, pterygium can spread to your cornea.


Promotes Healing

After having an eye procedure, wearing sunglasses with UV protection will help your eyes heal. They will protect them from debris, heat, and harmful UV rays.


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