Child's Eye Exam

After a routine eye exam, a concerned parent may ask me, "how are you going to check my kid's eyes? I could barely tell which option was better!"
Pediatric exams can definitely be more challenging but I find them more fun and interactive.  I really enjoy finding creative ways to engage a child to show me how they see the world around them.  
Traditional eye examination techniques like asking a child "which is better, one or two?" may not produce reliable results so I rely heavily on objective tests.  
A few machines in our office help us with that.  My 5 year old daughter, helped me come up with some creative names to our pretesting equipment.  
"Talking Elephant TV" =  Autorefractor (the machine that shows you a hot air ballon to get an estimation of your glasses prescription)
She loves getting the "ticket" after the Elephant shows her a picture.  
"Rocket ship Camera"
Retinal scan that takes a picture of the inside of your eye to look for ocular diseases.  For children as young as 5 years old we can get great baseline photos of the retina to monitor for changes every year.