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Myopia Control

We Offer Myopia Treatments For Kids

Whether you're a parent who just received a myopia diagnosis for your child or an adult with a late myopia diagnosis, we will help you find the best option to manage symptoms and enjoy clear vision for years to come.

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Why Myopia Matters

Childhood Myopia Rates Are Increasing,
Affecting 1 in 3 Children

Early intervention with myopia management can slow, or even stop, the progression of your child’s myopia.

Treatment Options

Prescription Eyedrops


  • Formulated to a specific concentration to slow down myopia
  • Relaxes the focusing system in the eye
  • One drop is applied to each eye at night
  • Excellent for younger children who are not quite ready to start treatment contact lenses.
Overnight Contacts


  • Designed to be worn while you’re sleeping
  • Custom designed to gently reshape the front surface of your eye
  • Clear vision all day long, without wearing glasses or contacts during the day
  • Designed to slow the progression of myopia
Daytime Soft Contact Lenses

Daytime Soft
Contact Lenses

  • Designed to be worn during the day
  • Customized with a special optical design for clear and comfortable vision
  • Clear vision during the day, without wearing glasses
  • Designed to slow the progression of myopia

Meet The Optometrists

All of Our Doctors Are Certified to Treat and Manage Myopia

Dr. Natalie Lue Hoshi
Natalie Lue
Hoshi, OD FAAO
Dr. Sutera Nudtavuthtisit
Nudtavuthtisit, OD
Dr. Salena Quach
Quach, OD

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