Optical Frame & Lens Policy 


All frame sales are final. Per our frame manufacture agreements, we cannot exchange or return any frame that has been adjusted, customized, or mounted with a prescription lens.

 All frames come with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. The entire frame must be returned and in original condition in order to receive a replacement frame. (i.e. no super glue, or any other types of adhesives)  If damage to the frame was the result of an outside force, we will do our best to fix the frame for you, but it may not be covered under warranty.



All prescription lenses come with a one-time redo within 60 days after the lenses are ordered. (i.e. measurement change, prescription change, lens non-adaptation, and upgrades to the lenses)

      o   Anti-reflective Coating Warranty:  Anti-reflective coatings have a one year warranty from the date of sale. (i.e. crazed lens or hazing)                     New corrective lens will be manufactured and the damaged lens will be returned.

      o   Cracked Lens:  Prescription Polycarbonate and Trivex are the only lens materials that come with a one year warranty from date of purchase           against cracked lenses.



It is normal to experience some visual discomfort when adapting to your new prescription.  However, if this persists after using them consistently for two weeks, please schedule an appointment to have the prescription rechecked.  Changes in your prescription must be finalized within two months of picking up your glasses.