Successful Seminar: Your child's vision and eye health

Friday July 18, 2014 I was invited to be the guest speaker by the Global Chinese Lions Club.  

While our children were playing at the Magical Playground in West Covina, I had the opportunity to speak to the parents about the importance of their child's visual and eye health.  


Demonstrating pediatric examination techniques to the children and adults

Reviewing the importance of UV protection  

Explanation of proper working distance for near work and lighting conditions

Common signs and symptoms of a possible vision problem

When children should have their first eye exam

As a mom, I know the more information I have the better decisions I can make for my daughter.  I really enjoyed sharing with the parents about the importance of their child's vision and eye health.  There is so much information and I didn't have time to go into depth about everything, but my goal was to inform other moms and dads to protect their child's eyes at an early age to prevent future problems, and to remind them to have their eyes examined for any visual or health problems. 

Thank you Global Chinese Lions Club for inviting me to speak and for everyone who came out and listened, we all had a great time!

my daughter had so much fun!

my daughter had so much fun!